We would like to inform the global users of the contents announced by Matsukabu in the online event on May 10th, 2020.

1.Thanks for your joining

Good evening. This is Wataru Matsuda, Matsukabu, CEO of Avacus Co., Ltd. Thank you for joining us today.
As early as Avacus has been in service for two and a half years, Avacus Corporation has been celebrating its first anniversary in April.
Originally I would like to hold this event in Bar THE WU at Shibuya, but since it’s such a time, I want to greet you with the appearance of an avatar.

This place is very similar to the bar THE WU in Shibuya.
Because the store cannot be operated due to the COVID-19, virtual THE WU was created as a second “sanctuary” for the crypto-cluster.
Thanks to AKIRA, Songpu and Haruno. Thank you very much.

2.For domestic users: What’s happening to Avacus right now

Suddenly, Avacus is in transition now.
Until recently, Avacus has been slowly and quietly expanding the world which makes you to possible to live with crypto assets. That is now changing, triggered by some news.

The news is the closure of Avacus’ competing services.
Investors raise their hands and operator withdraws closure now, but it was shocking news in late April.

Within about a week before the closure was retracted, many foreign users sought new territory and found Avacus, which was unknown global.
In the world, there is a service called Amazon mechanical Turks that allows you to get rewards for performing microtasks such as image recognition.
Rewards are paid only to users who can receive USD, and other than that are paid with Amazon gifts.
70% of our users are from Latin America, such as Brazil, and they are about to enter Avacus.

The momentum of the inflow was tremendous and the average daily trading volume increased by more than 400%.
Even now, all transactions are more than 500. This much trading is running on Avacus.
Does anyone remember how many deals were on the day Avacus started?

Certainly, it was about 40 cases. It’s getting bigger. Avacus.

Systematically, Avacus is already ready for global users.
We urgently established an overseas support department and Telegram to deal with new users who arrived in Avacus.
Volunteers in the Avacus community also support us as if they were employees of the operating company.
Find feedback to pinpoint the improvements needed from new users, collaborate with global users to create a user community with Reddit and Discord, find people who want to help Avacus as volunteers from overseas, and connect them with us.
A new group of people from overseas and Japanese Avacus users are working together to create a community with a rapid speed. thank you very much.

3.For global users

Now, many global users who have already started using Avacus, thank you for your interest. Welcome to Avacus.

Look at the changes over the last few weeks. With a lot of feedback, Avacus has changed a lot in a short time.
I would be happy if Avacus is now a comfortable service for you.

In fact, since April 20, we’ve been doing this many updates.

・ Abolition of level restrictions outside Japan. Anyone can trade at the maximum discount rate
・ Compatible with Amazon.CA
・ Significantly lowered the minimum withdrawal amount of BTC and BCH
・ Adopt stable coin “DAI”

Let’s work with us so that Avacus will continue to be a great place in the future. If we have a lot of users, it will be more fluid and easy to use. Please try to invite many users.

Also, Avacus is a service that allows you to experience a new lifestyle using crypto assets. Besides shopping with crypto assets and getting crypto assets,

・ “Avacus Ask” that can match all requests such as job requests and product trade offers
・ “Avacus Bazaar” that allows you to buy and sell goods like a flea market using crypto assets
・ Avacus Pay, an SNS that allows Avacus users to send messages and crypto assets instantly

All you can use these function.

For example, it’s very convenient because you can shop at Amazon with the crypto assets that you earned for providing goods or services with Bazaar/Ask, and you can do everything with the same wallet. Please try this as well.

4.About the future of Avacus

The mechanism of Avacus extends beyond the service called Avacus.
What do I mean? It will be. It would be so.

Avacus was originally designed for independent operation worldwide.
For example, in an extreme case, a well-known foreign exchange could use Avacus’ system to start a service in the US with a completely different name. Of course at that time, I don’t have to be involved in management.
Of course, the currencies handled may be different, and the specifications may be customized.

However, if the service works, there is a fee for Avacus because the system of Avacus is used. In other words, the value of VACUS will continue to rise.

For example, another service specialized as a donation platform using the AvacusASK system may be possible.
In Brazil, on the other side of Japan, the system of AvacusPAY may be used to provide services for people who do not have a bank to make small payments.

The value of Avacus and VACUS increases with each such service.
It is a mechanism that not have to put everything in Avacus.

Actually, we haven’t thought about doing it all in Avacus and doing just the fee business.
After all, if I try to do that, I will have to prioritize how much the fee will be charged in Avacus over the user experience.

In the same way, there are many interesting services and ideas in the world that have turned into uninteresting ones for various reasons.

There are various reasons, such as being unavoidable because it is a business. It’s like an exemption mark in the world, is that okay? I think.

If I want to do it only with fee income in Avacus, I may have to put an advertising banner in Avacus.Each time you use it, an advertisement may play for 5 seconds.

I hate it.

That’s why I decided not to do so.

Avacus will be used as a business using a name other than Avacus all over the world. At the same time, it will be a great strength to help the companies and organizations that are currently in business negotiations to do what they want to do with the blockchain and their own currency.

Avacus itself grows and can also do what other companies want.
I am aiming for such a mechanism.


After two and a half years, Avacus is in a state where seeds have sprouted.
So much so far thanks to the volunteer team of Avacus, the global users who started using Avacus earlier, and the development team who were involved in the update on a messed up schedule. The development team and I discusses the mechanism that Avacus aims at, which I mentioned earlier, and seeks a form that can be achieved from the same perspective, and runs together. Thanks to everyone, I’m standing here talking without any special skills. From now on, I think I will enter a world where I can do nothing more by myself. Please help me. I’m sure we can get over it, and I think that a new world is waiting for us after getting over it.

Thank you for your continued support of Avacus.